Hunger by Michael Grant

If you have not read the first novel in Michael Grant‘s Gone series than this review is not for you. Hunger is the second novel in the series, and probably wouldn’t make much sense to you without the background knowledge gained from reading the first.

Of course, unless you are like me, you may have already devoured this second helping of Grant’s tween science-fiction series of books, but who knows, perhaps you have not, so I shall continue.

Hunger, continues the tale of the lives of the boyz and girlz in the FAYZ, three months on from the first novel in the series. Not a lot seems to have happened in those three months; Sam is still the leader of the “good camp”, Caine and the other Coates academy crew are still the “bad camp”. Nobody in either camp is any closer to discovering why they have been zapped into a world without adults. Nobody is any closer to discovering if anything lies outside the invisible barrier which surrounds the town of Perdido Beach. Everything is still just as strange and divided and weird as when the first novel finished; except now the supply of food is running out, and everybody is suffering from Hunger, thanks to the greed and bad planning of the youthful occupants of Perdido Beach, who greedily consumed most of the towns food (hey, how were they to know they could be trapped in this town forever).

Of course this is the part of the review where I have to stop explaining what is going on is the FAYZ. Doing so would ruin it for those who have not read it. So I will tell you, just this; the search for food, has some bizarre twists, that builds into an exciting climax, but ultimately, leaves readers hungry to find out what is going to happen in the next novel of Michael Grant’s (so far) excellent book series, which may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but certainly has left hungry for more.


Author: 2Dubya

Like most people one day Wesley will die. Until then though, Wesley spends his days drinking coffee, watching the telly,trying to figure out politics and listening to BBC Radio... and on the days he is at work watching trains under the ground. Away from work he putters around in the kitchen, tends to his fish, watches films and occasionally reads a book, or works in his garden. Wesley is also a keen father to his two little princesses, and a slave to his wife.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Forgotten Writer? and commented:
    True story! If you have some down time, this series of books is absolutely enthralling! I couldn’t put them down! The only bad part is when you finish them and you have no clue where your life is headed anymore. Oh how to continue living! Seriously, these are great books.

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