Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Meet Amy Elliot Dunne.  She is on of those girls women want to be, and men want to be with. Beautiful, and smart, she is the type of girl who would be great perfect catch for a guy. Some may say she is Amazing Amy and they would be right. Amy is a one of a kind sort of girl, thankfully.

Now let me introduce you to her handsome husband Nick. He is a weak-spined, cheating, woman-fearing coward,  he is also the hero of this gripping tale, because his wife, the aforementioned Amy, is a sociopath… And she’s about to go missing.

Gone Girl is another book that I bought a few years ago that sat patiently waiting for me to read it. Most of my friends had read it and they were all raving about how good it was. I am a bit weird though when it comes to choosing reading materials. I pick my books the same way as I order from a menu in a restaurant; I gather all my choices, then just look down the menu and the first thing that I think I will like I order. There is no rhyme or reason to it, I just let fate decide.

Sometimes however, fate can be a cruel beast. Fates should have known that this book is one you shouldn’t wait to read. It deserves better than to sit in a pile with other, probably lesser books waiting. It deserves and needs to be read as soon as you have your grubby hands on a copy because it is one of the few books I have read that lives up to its hype.

It starts out slow, introducing readers to the two main characters through their own narratives, and to be honest at one point I almost gave up reading this book because I found the characters to be a bit vile. From the start I thought Amy was a spoilt, manipulative, whiny bitch. Nick, instantly comes across as a man who is so lost in his web of deception that he isn’t even sure what the truth is. However, if you stick with it, about half way through the book there is a moment where everything becomes clear or as clear as it ever becomes and as a reader you are rewarded for sticking with these two horrid people.

Of course there are some who will complain about the ending, but personally I liked the way the book concluded. I like books where the chips don’t fall into a nice neat piles. Gillian Flynn also, either intentionally or not, left enough room there where a sequel may be possible, which personally I would love as long as it is crafted with the excellent eye for detail and plotting that Gone Girl has been.


Gone Girl, slow going mystery

For a few years now everybody has told me that I have to read Gone Girl. Then those same people kept urging me as a matter of life and death to see the film, and up until a couple of weeks ago I had done neither.

So now I am reading the book and I am about a quarter of the way through, and I have to admit, so far it doesn’t seem anything special. In fact I am finding it a bit boring.

I will keep going though, as I have already passed my 100 page abandon point (if I find a novel really boring or hard going, I will abandon it before 100 pages, if I can make it past that point, I keep going).

Besides everyone tells me there is a shock about half way through. I just hope it is worth it!