Lies by Michael Grant (Gone series, book #3)


If like me you have been reading Michael Grant‘s terribly entertaining, but not exactly original, Gone series of books then you already know, these books are part X-Men, part Under The Dome, part Lord of the Flies but with a dash of extra weirdness thrown in to keep you interested… If you haven’t been reading Michael Grant’s gone series then you may want to look away now, or at least read my earlier review of book one.

If you have read the adventures of the boys and girls in Perdido Beach but you haven’t made it to book three than I urge you to head out to your nearest bookshop, or point your internet browser in the direction of Amazon and get a copy… And grab book four as well, (you’ll understand in a minute why) because this series just keeps getting better, and more strange with each turn of the page.

In this third installment of the series, a new element of weirdness is thrown into the mix, a bit of The Walking Dead, and as if that isn’t enough we are also treated to visions (which may be true or may be lies) of existence outside the dome, or barrier or whatever it is that have the residents of Perdido trapped inside. We also discover that there are others, near Perdido Beach but not actually in the town who have also been trapped. In fact we are given lots of information, and weirdness to ponder over… And then it just ends. It stops without any real conclusion or climax. It almost feels like Grant’s publisher called him and said “times up, give us what you got”. Which would have been dreadfully disappointing if you had read these books when they were first published and had to wait months for the next book, but is something I can live with as I already have a copy of the fourth, fifth and sixth installments.

Of course if you haven’t read any of the book in the series and decided to read this review despite my earlier warnings, I cannot urge you enough to go and seek out the books in this series. So far the first three books haven’t been groundbreakingly original, but they have been extremely fun reads, and for me that is enough to get me to work after my commute with a smile on my face.




Lies, The Buried Giant and Tom Gates again

When I am in the middle of reading a novel I don’t really have a lot to blog about. Which makes it hard to write a book blog, without having read any books; and I am not the fastest reader in the world.

To counter this, I occasionally like to come on here and update you on what I am reading now, and whatever other booky type stuff I have been up to.

Currently reading: Lies by Michael Grant

I started reading Michael Grant‘s Gone series a couple of years ago. This year I have promised myself that I will finish reading this series of Young adult science fiction, which I have to admit is no great chore, these books keep getting better as the series progresses.

Currently I am almost half-way through the third book in the series; Lies which like the first two books is weird, filled with twists and so far a lot of fun.

Listening to: The Buried Giant

BBC Radio 4’s long-running Book at Bedtime recently featured  a dramatisation of Kazuo Ishiguro‘s latest novel The Buried Giant which I have listened to when I can find time. I won’t tell you much about it (that can wait for my review), except if you haven’t listened to it and you are wanting to do so, you better hurry. The BBC tends to remove their radio archives from the servers after about 30 days, so episode 1 is due to expire soon.

Finished reading: Tom Gates; Everything’s Amazing (Sort Of)

Speaking of books at bedtime… Little Amelia and I finished reading the third book in the Tom Gate’s series of children’s books, Everything’s Amazing (Sort of). Like the first Tom Gates book (we didn’t know the running order, so we are currently reading the second), it was a fun, easy to read book that adults won’t find too painful to read with their little darlings. It is filled with Liz Pichon‘s crazy doodles, and a has a whacky, yet somehow believable plot.

Hunger by Michael Grant

If you have not read the first novel in Michael Grant‘s Gone series than this review is not for you. Hunger is the second novel in the series, and probably wouldn’t make much sense to you without the background knowledge gained from reading the first.

Of course, unless you are like me, you may have already devoured this second helping of Grant’s tween science-fiction series of books, but who knows, perhaps you have not, so I shall continue.

Hunger, continues the tale of the lives of the boyz and girlz in the FAYZ, three months on from the first novel in the series. Not a lot seems to have happened in those three months; Sam is still the leader of the “good camp”, Caine and the other Coates academy crew are still the “bad camp”. Nobody in either camp is any closer to discovering why they have been zapped into a world without adults. Nobody is any closer to discovering if anything lies outside the invisible barrier which surrounds the town of Perdido Beach. Everything is still just as strange and divided and weird as when the first novel finished; except now the supply of food is running out, and everybody is suffering from Hunger, thanks to the greed and bad planning of the youthful occupants of Perdido Beach, who greedily consumed most of the towns food (hey, how were they to know they could be trapped in this town forever).

Of course this is the part of the review where I have to stop explaining what is going on is the FAYZ. Doing so would ruin it for those who have not read it. So I will tell you, just this; the search for food, has some bizarre twists, that builds into an exciting climax, but ultimately, leaves readers hungry to find out what is going to happen in the next novel of Michael Grant’s (so far) excellent book series, which may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but certainly has left hungry for more.

Check out this review of Gone (Gone, #1)

Here is a review by Wesley:

A couple of years ago I read Gone by Michael Grant. I quite enjoyed it, but it sort of slipped through the cracks of my mind as I attempted to shorten my stack of books to read. Then, a couple of days ago I bagged myself an unbelievable bargain. I got the five remaining books in the Gone series for a mere £4.95!

So now that my stack has grown into a tower it is time for me to begin toppling the mountain, and get reading.