Check out this review of Gone (Gone, #1)

Here is a review by Wesley:

A couple of years ago I read Gone by Michael Grant. I quite enjoyed it, but it sort of slipped through the cracks of my mind as I attempted to shorten my stack of books to read. Then, a couple of days ago I bagged myself an unbelievable bargain. I got the five remaining books in the Gone series for a mere £4.95!

So now that my stack has grown into a tower it is time for me to begin toppling the mountain, and get reading.


Author: 2Dubya

Like most people one day Wesley will die. Until then though, Wesley spends his days drinking coffee, watching the telly,trying to figure out politics and listening to BBC Radio... and on the days he is at work watching trains under the ground. Away from work he putters around in the kitchen, tends to his fish, watches films and occasionally reads a book, or works in his garden. Wesley is also a keen father to his two little princesses, and a slave to his wife.

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