The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon

Why is an adult reading children’s books?

Besides being an adult of forty-some years, I am also a father of two book-worm children. Two book-worm children who still love to have a story before bed; even though they are now eleven and nine. Of course I am no longer the sole reader, we take turns reading, though I think secretly they prefer to listen because I do better voices.

A Short Video to Introduce Tom Gates’ Brilliant World

Who Should Read This Brilliant Book

Although kids and adults alike will probably enjoy peeking through Tom Gates’ brilliant first book, it should be remembered that it is for children aged between 7-10. Personally, I think children aged between 7-110  will find it equally entertaining, but I also know some older children may be embarrassed to be seen reading. It is easy to read, and will act as a good bridge for children going from books with more pictures than words to chapter books with less or no pictures.

Tom Gates’ Brilliant World is printed as though it is a journal written by a boy in Grade 5, including the messy handwriting and doodles, which I think will make it ideal material for someone who is less confident at reading as the doodles will help explain the story. Of course it will be equally enjoyable for even someone like myself who has a degree in English literature, because Tom Gates’ Brilliant World is, well…. Brilliant!


Author: W.H Winegarden

Like most people one day Wesley will die. Until then though, Wesley spends his days drinking coffee, watching the telly,trying to figure out politics and listening to BBC Radio... and on the days he is at work watching trains under the ground. Away from work he putters around in the kitchen, tends to his fish, watches films and occasionally reads a book, or works in his garden. Wesley is also a keen father to his two little princesses, and a slave to his wife.

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