Stephen King talks to the BBC

I am currently reading one of Stephen King’s mammoth novel’s. And for a reader like me, that can take some time. I am not the slowest reader, but I am certainly not Usain Bolt when it comes to reading, leaving me struggling for stuff to blog about.

Luckily for me, and you as well (don’t want your trip on your cybercraft to my corner of cyberspace to be wasted) Stephen King seems to be everywhere on the World Wide Interweb at the moment. So I have decided to share some of the crumbs I have found of the supersized Stephen King sandwich currently feeding the internet’s book fans.

And I am going to begin with this fantastic interview Stephen King has done for the BBC, where he finally confirms that he didn’t like the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation of The Shining (which is a relief for me because I didn’t like it either).

They also discuss, how Stephen King has gone from being the whipping boy of literary critics, to an author who is maybe not revered by critics, but at least now accepted by them.

You can read more about this interview and watch the video by following the link: BBC interview with Stephen King by Will Gompertz


Author: 2Dubya

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